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meet mr. fxr

greg is the creative behind the scenes at mr. fxr

offering solutions for your modern day electronic problems.

greg (aka mr. fxr)

founder, and point man

sometimes, you just need to find the right person. mr. fxr was first started by greg in the 90’s as a very small eyewear repair business, resoldering and refurbishing broken eyewear as a 2nd job on the side.  an optician by trade, greg turned from custom crafting eyewear to working as an account executive in the same field representing brands such as donna karan, guess and calvin klein eyewear.  in 2004, he and his family shifted gears, and opened their first brick and mortar location, mankind apparel, marketing items geared for guys.

a lady visited their store and said that God had told her to tell them that “He has provided another opportunity for them” and that was all she was supposed to say.  as interesting/intriguing as that was, they didn’t really know anything about her, and went on with business as usual.

in 2009, greg’s wife worked for at&t at the time and a “newbie” co-worker borrowed her personal iphone.  after a few minutes, he handed it back not working. tracy, knowing that her husband “fixed” things, called him and asked him to take a look at it.  at the time, greg was loaded down with the other business issues, and felt that since the new kid broke it, suggested that they should trade phones and let the problem be his problem.  she was uncomfortable with that suggestion and pressed him to at least take a look at it.  so he did.  he found out how to open up the phone and also downloaded an image of what it was supposed to look like on the inside and compared it to their ‘broken’ iphone.   for greg, unfamiliar with phones at the time, it was like trying to spot waldo from “where’s waldo?”.  eventually, he saw the problem, and promptly fixed it.  “success!”

proud of his accomplishments, he told a frequent mankind apparel customer, seth.  this guy mentioned that he also had a broken iphone, and asked if greg “would fix it?”.  greg voiced concern that he might break it, and that they were expensive.  the friend said that it was already broken and he had already purchased another.  that the broken phone was just sitting on his dresser and of no use broken.  he offered to pay for the parts.  so greg agreed, and also fixed his friend’s iphone.

this guy had a lot of friends and greg thinks that he must have told each one, because soon after that, greg began to get call after call for repairs.  so much so, that greg revived the mr. fxr business name and began to operate a successful side operation along with their other business.

in hindsight, little did they know how significant that little lady’s statement was to become in their lives.

their mankind apparel page is still available to view online, but all efforts have now been focused on their mr. fxr business as a separate electronics specialist & repair service.

mr. fxr will come to you!

people sometimes ask mr. fxr about his training, but many aspects in this field doesn’t really offer any sort of official training.  his response is usually two things.

“i’m a perpetual student”

meaning that this type of field requires constant continuing education. self motivated study of various videos, forums, blogs, tech news, schematics, techniques, tools, reliable part sources, supplies for each iphone and ipad model with a steep learning curve each time a new one is released.

“what one man can do, another can do…” – anthony hopkins (kill the bear scene from the movie “the edge”.

sometimes, you just happen to find that right person, one who seems to have a gift for what they do. and you stick with them, because you have confidence in their ability. like that good mechanic that keeps your vehicle in good working order.  you’ve got their number programmed into your contact list and maybe somewhere else so you won’t lose it.  well, mr. fxr is one of those people who has a gift, so connect with him on facebook, instagram or twitter, just in case.

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