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blue screen

up to date

sometimes keeping a computer up to date doesn't happen. we are busy, using the computer to do the things we like to do, and that job gets set aside to do later. and after a certain point, it can cause some problems.
pulling wire 1

pulling wire

i am afraid of heights. one of the more memorable wire pulling jobs involved a man lift.
henry danton

a centenarian’s data recovery

some friends of mine called me to help with a failed all-in-one dell that had failed with someone they help to keep track of. and he turned 100 this past year.
netac micro SD card

netac micro SD card

got in a damaged micro SD card - looking internally to see if there was an opportunity to recover the data. this involves carefully removing small layers at a time. this type of card is also known as a monolith. #2001aspaceodyssey
mackie thump15

mackie thump15 loudspeaker

used mackie thump15 loudspeaker repair. it had a 1/4 TRS audio jack broken off inside the neutrik connector. pulled the old one and installed a fresh one.
a1466 backlight LP8550

a1466 backlight

this liquid damaged backlight chip looks like a WWII shelled battlefield area from above.
xploretech iX104C4 LAN NIC repair RJ-45 ditchwitch ground penetrating radar

iX104C4 rugged tablet PC

this RJ-45 LAN NIC on the tablet used with a ditchwitch ground penetrating radar was toast and needed replacing.
xbox one x HDMI retimer chip TPD158

xbox one x HDMI chip

if your xbox one x is not displaying any video output, and there is no physical damage to the device or the HDMI port, you may be experiencing a failed chip on the motherboard.