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advocate   (ˈad-və-kət )  

  • one who supports or promotes the interests of another – publicly.
  • to recommend or urge at the least.
  • at the most, to exhort or preach.
  • a public backer.
  • one who speaks on behalf of another.

“i’d like to start by saying that it is our philosophy that no one really gives a truly effective endorsement as a paid spokes person.  a powerful advocate selflessly tells someone about something simply because they believe that something is remarkable, thought-provoking, that it’s cool, and sometimes even as a personal favor for a friend,etc.  other positive reasons (though somewhat self-centered) include garnering a good reflection on themselves.

our most powerful advocates are not and can’t be bought. that is because they know, sometimes unconsciously, that every time a powerful advocate accepts an inducement or incentive in exchange for their endorsement, their power and popularity decreases, if ever so slightly.  the public eventually begins to realize that the spokesman is motivated by more than style and good taste.  the public is far more likely to listen to an endorsement free from personal gain.

so if your powers of influence are strong, and you understand who we are, we welcome & thank you for the opportunity that you provide for us by your endorsement.”  – mr. fxr

“a friend telling a friend is the best form of advertising we could hope for”

so please join us on facebook, instagram and twitter. then take a moment and tell your friends about us!

it would mean a great deal to us.  thank you!

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blue screen

up to date

sometimes keeping a computer up to date doesn't happen. we are busy, using the computer to do the things we like to do, and that job gets set aside to do later. and after a certain point, it can cause some problems.
pulling wire 1

pulling wire

i am afraid of heights. one of the more memorable wire pulling jobs involved a man lift.
henry danton

a centenarian’s data recovery

some friends of mine called me to help with a failed all-in-one dell that had failed with someone they help to keep track of. and he turned 100 this past year.