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this is an open letter to all area cell phone store employees.

hattiesburg, laurel employees of at&t, cspire, verizon, boost – all of you!

if you work as a retail sales associate with any phone service provider that sells apple products, this post is for you.

to be in customer service is a very hard job.  customers are very demanding.  trying to solve a customer’s issues with their phone and maintain a professional level of service can be kind of tricky sometimes.  with home office customer service on hold in one ear, reviewing customer’s bill with both eyes, while the customer is still talking around what you are trying to do for them can be very frustrating.  they are telling you about their WHOLE DAY! and all you are trying to find out from them, is the very last thing that comes out of their mouth.

you want to find out what’s wrong, connect them with someone that can fix it and send them out of the door – hopefully happy.  then you can quickly move on to making that sale and meeting your set sales goals knowing that you have successfully helped your customer.

most of us take pride in what we do.  who we associate with, and how those associations reflect back on us.  i know that i do.  we are very conscious of our reputation here in town and the service that we provide.  in fact, our reviews and ratings are among the best for apple repair – iphones, ipads and more in this region.  we can work on other items, but are not really set up for other devices and are really busy and focused on apple repairs.

the main reason for this open letter is to appeal to you for the opportunity for us to work together.  for you to let me help you with your customer’s issues that can’t be taken care of in-house.  sometimes a customer needs help, even demands help right away.  and you need a “go to guy” that you can rely on that will take care of your customer and make you look good doing it.  somebody who has the experience and track record of consistent successful repairs that you can rely on.  who you associate with is a direct reflection on you.  you want to be associated with successful people.  in fact we have a whole page devoted to being a good advocate – click here.

well, i want to be that “go to guy”.  someone that you can count on to take care of your customer.  to help them solve their (your) problem.  when your hands are tied, and you need a friend, send them to mr. fxr!

the best bet is to send them to our website – mrfxr.com  it’s really easy to remember – it’s mr. fixer without the vowels – so mrfxr.com  mister and fixer also rhyme!  some people still call me mr. fixit, and the only reason i correct them is so that when they tell other people about me, that those people will be able to find me.  the website also has all of our contact information, and links to all of our social media sites, business hours, etc.

i do also want to encourage you to even take the next step in customer service and call me yourself on your customer’s behalf, while they are still there!  you can check your policy manual, but i do believe that all cell phone provider’s customer service policies even encourage this, as long as you have exhausted all in-house opportunities.  as you well know, major service providers are no longer in the repair business.  they want you to sell.  and when this is no longer an opportunity, they want you to help the customer in a way that in the long run will both help and retain the customer.  they know that if a customer can’t find a solution through you, they will find it through somebody else and that somebody else may be another provider.

we all want to be the ones with the answers.  let your answer be – “how about contacting mr. fxr! he can help!” click here to access our contact information.

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