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nintendo switch USBC charging chip

is aftermarket, third party charging equipment blowing devices? i think so.

this nintendo switch stopped charging. not exactly sure why. everything looked quite normal. but the consensus is the USBC charging chip has fried and needs replacing, also known as the M92T36. most likely after some third party, aftermarket, charging equipment had been used. i’ve also read that you may “brick your switch if you use a USBC to USBA cable adapter“. all in all, the best course of action is to use OEM charging equipment.

so, a question that may come to mind… “hey mr. fxr! how do you know to replace the chip or if there is something else wrong? maybe the USBC port is bad.” good question. i really don’t know either many times. but common sense for me is to look closely at the device. and the charging port did not look damaged. looked great. no liquid damage or corrosion. the device is not even getting any flow of current.

so that is where community comes in. i’m definitely not the first person to diagnose this problem. there are many others like me who have gone before me and through trial and error determined that the most likely culprit is the charging chip. it’s very possible that after i’ve spent the money on the part and expended my time on this repair that it may not actually be the problem. then i have to look at another possible solution.

ok – that said, here we go.

sooo, i’ve disassembled the switch and located and pulled the chip. side note, if you notice that i’ve drawn a simple diagram on the yellow heat protective tape – a black square with a dot in the upper right corner. a good practice for microsoldering as the chip placement has to be oriented correctly. and if you notice in the following picture…

nintendo switch USBC charging chip M92T36

the new chip (inside it’s protective container) is oriented in the correct position with the dot in the upper right hand corner.

nintendo switch USBC charging chip M92T36

pads are cleaned and old lead free solder is removed.

nintendo switch USBC charging chip M92T36

new fresh leaded solder applied and pads prepped.

nintendo switch USBC charging chip M92T36

chip is installed.

nintendo switch USBC charging chip M92T36

and we have current flowing! turns out it was indeed the charging chip after all! my efforts will now pay off. happy customer means happy mr. fxr! $

nintendo switch USBC charging chip M92T36
nintendo switch USBC charging chip M92T36

thanks for looking over my shoulder. is there something i can help you with? please contact me and we can talk about it.

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