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iphone ipad repair mr. fxr hattiesburg < do you have a shattered or cracked iphone or ipad ?!


you can count on mr. fxr to professionally repair your broken ipads, iphones or apple devices.

our quality, success and years of experience in this area of apple repair, has earned us high reviews with our loyal customers, some of the highest in our area.  as a professional technician specializing in these devices, and doing it well, these skills have given us an edge that is unmatched.  from repairing devices with broken screens, to other repairs that can only be learned with long hours of study and hands on experience, such as micro soldering.

more than likely you were referred to us by a friend.  if you have just now stumbled upon us, take a moment to review our website, facebook, twitter or instagram.

whether you are a business owner with a fleet of devices or just got a call from your grandson that just recently broke his ipad, we can handle the job.  we are trained in glass repair in addition to other common handheld device problems, such as battery issues, power button malfunctions, and other not so common issues.

here in hattiesburg and the surrounding areas, mr. fxr can handle your iphone, ipad and apple repairs.

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