local, in-home, professional tech support service

intimidated by technology?! let us help you connect! set up your appointment for our local, in-home, professional tech support service.

do you have parents, or a family member that needs local, trusted help with their computer in the hattiesburg or surrounding area?
are they intimidated by technology? is their computer gathering dust?
many grandparents are feeling increasingly disconnected and isolated from the activities of their younger, more tech savvy families.
they need assistance!

hattiesburg local, in-home professional tech support service

what is important to them? i say that it’s being connected with their family!
to easily continue being a part of their family’s life!
and their families (us) would be grateful to be able to connect with them easier as well!
the ability to be able to send them a quick photo or video instantly is quite rewarding.
being available online is a part that is sometimes missing with older, less tech savvy parents.
many times they don’t live so close by.
they sometimes need help to use facebook, skype! instagram! pinterest, ebay, amazon, paypal.
how to upload their photos to their computer, edit them and share them!
let us help them set it up and show them how to use these sites!

have they recently purchased a new computer, new printer or both?
maybe you have purchased something for them, but they need some help to set it up.
not sure how to connect to their wifi?

are they having problems with a slow computer?
a malfunctioning and slow device can be very frustrating.
there could be a virus, or some sort of hardware malfunction.
we will initially triage your device over the phone.
if we need to look deeper to diagnose what may be the problem, we offer a pick up service.
we will pick up the device, run a diagnosis and give them a summary report and suggest a solution.
mr. fxr can help and get it up and running!

our visit will also include free anti-virus software.

schedule their in-home visit with a mr. fxr tech specialist now!

or you can schedule a remote access session to allow us to easier assist from afar.
this would allow us to remotely show them how to do something, or at times, to even make repairs or adjustments.
once the call is completed, the remote control access would be disconnected.
our in-home service call will also include the remote access software as an option in case a follow up is needed.

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