microsoldering specialist

can you pronounce solder correctly? my whole life, i’ve pronounced it as sod-der (silent L). i’ve only recently found out that some people from far away, like to add that L back in. sounds so weird to my ears, but they say the same about us.

my dad worked for AT&T and taught me how to solder at an early age. but when i went to apply his tools and supplies to smaller things i found i struggled. my flows did not work as i expected them to. so i dug deeper and began to order different tools, different flux, different versions of solder and found my rates of success improving.

but the things i was working on were getting smaller and smaller. so i invested in a high quality microscope that gave me plenty of working room. i found that the bigger i made things, the steadier my hands became. of course, caffeine does effect how well one reacts, but the closer i could get, the better the outcome.

microsoldering specialist
macbook motherboard corrosion

believe it or not, liquid damaged components like the ones above can be cleaned or replaced and live again.

from range rover reverse cameras to wood-mizer sawmill logic boards to dental loupe LED lights – if you have something that needs fixing, let’s see what we can do for it.

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