kingston flash drive data recovery

one of my accounts send me the following photo and asked for some help. it was a damaged flash drive kingston datatraveler locker+ G2 model DTLPG2 it contained some valuable data that needed to be recovered.

somehow it had gotten bent and the data pins on one side of the chip that stores the data had become completely disconnected, just ripped right loose.

we need to try to reconnect those data lines and see if we can still access the data. i go about the process of microsoldering those lines and then plug it into my data recovery computer.

flashing blue LED!!!! great sign! and i can access the drive! 6.2GB of data. let’s hurry up and siphon off this data and get it safe.

but….. before we can get it, it looks like it’s an encrypted drive. i’ll need the password.

safe and sound and copied to a different flash drive for the customer. if you need some data recovered from a damaged flash drive, please contact me here and tell me about it. i’ll see what i can do for you!

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