no sound!!! argghhh!

ever have this problem?


you know, where you can hear the phone ring, but you have no sound from many normal apps such as youtube, or your music player?  you try to adjust the volume, but nothing seems to work?  still no sound?
many times, the problem you are having is actually located in the audio jack.
“the audio jack, you say?!!”
yes, i say, the audio jack.
few know that there are very tiny micro switches located inside of your idevice’s audio jack(you can see if you look carefully).
iphone audio jack micro switch photo

and this switch is most likely in need of cleaning.

this micro switch (when activated by plugging in some headphones, or other audio cable) tells the iphone to send the audio signal to the audio jack instead of the internal idevice speakers.  a drink spills nearby, the liquid dries up leaving a sticky residue that clogs the switch, hindering it’s ability to move and therefore “switch”.  when this micro switch is dirty, or has debris inside of the audio jack opening, it can interfere with the proper operation of the switch.  your idevice micro switch may become stuck, thinking it has headphones and is sending the signal to the non existent headphones.


an easy way to test, is to actually plug in some headphones and then try to play your youtube video, or music selection.  if you can hear just fine through your headphones, it may very well be that your audio jack micro switch is dirty.  we can try to clean it before we try any other more expensive options.


the following is worded for liability reasons.  i wouldn’t want anybody to say that i told them to do something and then claim it messed up their idevice.  so…  the following fix for the above mentioned issue is what i would do if i were having this particular problem with MY idevice.


if it were my idevice having this problem, here is what i would do to MY idevice.


items needed:
90+% rubbing alcohol


first thing:  i would turn it off.  (it’s usually not liquids that kill electronics, it’s liquids and electricity.)
peel a bit of cotton off of a q-tip so that it fits easily inside of the audio jack opening.
moisten with 90-91% alcohol (rubbing) and swirl gently inside the audio jack.
then insert and remove headphones repeatedly.  (you are trying to dislodge any debris by using the headphone jack which is designed to be inserted into the audio jack opening.)


IMPORTANT!!! i would not turn it on until i was certain the alcohol was evaporated.
one way to determine if the alcohol has been evaporated is to place a drop of alcohol on a nearby flat surface.  once that drop has evaporated, i would even wait a bit longer before turning the device back on.  i want to make certain that all the alcohol has evaporated.  once the alcohol is evaporated on the table, i would be pretty confident the alcohol in the unit has evaporated too.  but i would leave some extra time to factor in the rate of evaporation being effected by the alcohol being inside of a closed space.


then and only then would i would restart the unit and test.


and then i would message mr. fxr the results.
wait!  that’s me!
i think i’ll just tell him in person!  😉

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