our qr code!

take a look at our new custom qr code!

qr is acronym for “quick response”, and if you have a qr scanner app for your mobile device, you can scan our code and it will quickly direct you to our link of the day.  although this is really mostly going to be used to direct you to our website.  once you get used to seeing them, it makes it really easy to get the additional information that you need in literally a flash.  using the camera of your mobile device, and any number of free qr reader apps, you scan the code and the message or info is sent!  we had to have one for ourselves!

to get started, we had to make a decision on where we wanted our qr code to direct people. with some qr code generators, you only have 1 choice. but i new that we were going to eventually have not only our facebook page, but a .com and twitter as well. we may want to direct to a different site each day! or to a specific post, or promotion. in other words we did not want to be limited. so… we looked and looked for a place that seemed to have it together and would still be here next year (before we put all that time into creating our customized custom qr code), and we came across uQR.me – excellent choice!

uQRme's website

we could not only generate our own custom qr code,
but we could also direct our code to go where we want it to!
uQRme options

that being completed, now down to the business of making our custom qr code – well, custom.

we do our own graphics in-house and we wanted a design that wasn’t as stiff as the normal black generic versions.  this one took us around 6 hours to customize the pattern without losing the real purpose and functionality of the design.

we learned that qr codes can be quite forgiving when being scanned.  you could have a error tolerance as high as 30% and many times your scan would take you to the proper destination.  so some custom custom qr codes actually have the logo branding floating around inside the qr matrix.  but since it was going so slow, i didn’t want to push it, so i just stuck to the basics.  i knew this needed to go onto our business cards too, so i stayed withing the lines a bit.

so, if you were inspired by this, give it a shot yourself.  the possibilities are endless.

here is one of the coolest use of QR codes i’ve seen, integrated with street art.  scan the code, download the ebook free from project gutenberg.

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