we treat your iPhone like it was OUR iPhone!


iphone ipad repair mr. fxr hattiesburg < shattered, cracked iphone or ipad ?!


see mr.fxr! let mr. fxr repair your iphone or ipad and “erase, erase, erase” that bad experience and get you back on track again.

mr. fxr has been repairing iphones for quite some time now and we have many, many satisfied customers. check out many of these on our facebook page for yourself!

“we treat your iphone like it was our iphone!”

mr. fxr has the experience that comes with self motivated study in the challenging field of iphone and ipad repair and hands-on, ‘on the job’ training from many, many fixed units. we are committed to providing top quality repair solutions for your iPhone or iPad. excellent service with a smile and a thank you. honest and fair. we want to help you get the most from your existing device without having to purchase a brand new replacement.

“why replace it when you can fix it?!”

whether it be your iphone or ipad, shattered, cracked glass, digitizer, LCD screen or any other hardware issues with your apple product. if it is broken, we can fix it.

contact us, and we will meet you at a convenient place – your local coffee shop, your office, etc.

we are a local business, serving hattiesburg and the surrounding areas.
(hattiesburg, columbia, collins, petal, purvis, laurel, magee, USM, JCJC, jones county, lamar county, forrest county, etc.)

call or message us for your appointment now! mr. fxr's phone number

you will be helping to support a locally owned, family business and we look forward to helping you.

thank you!

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  1. Hugh Carr says:

    Dropped my iPhone 4S and the glass display cracked. I am looking into either getting a new phone, or having the glass replaced, depending on the cost. I live in Picayune, but travel to Hattiesburg often and could meet you there at any place. Can I get a quote from you on the cost of replacing the glass? Best way to contact me is through email: xxxxxxx@gmail.com

    • mr. fxr says:

      really sorry that happened. but not to worry, i deal with these kinds of issues all the time and your break does not sound out of the ordinary. we would love to take care of it for you. can even meet you halfway. check your inbox for our quote! thanks for contacting us.

  2. Kiana says:

    When I dropped my iPhone 4, I asked around Hattiesburg for a place to get it fixed for a reasonable price. I kept getting referred to Mr. Fxr, now I understand why. He gave amazing customer service and did the work himself. No matter how good of a business you run, sometimes there are still issues that come up. The first screen that he put on my phone had some sort of defect that was visible after a few hours. I called him back to ask him about it, and he immediately offered to put on a new screen free of charge without hesitation. I now have a perfect, working, uncracked screen. You really can’t go wrong with this guy!

    • mr. fxr says:

      thank you for the kind words – was a real puzzler, but we worked our way through it. thank you for your patience!