wood mizer sawmill

1987 wood mizer portable sawmill. dead in the water.

blown trace on the wood-mizer power feed control MO7752 F. completely blew it out. fortunately, we can see what was blown and maybe the components are still just fine.

wood-mizer power feed control MO7752 F
wood-mizer power feed control MO7752 F

after talking with the owner i asked him to try to connect to a nearby component temporarily. machine fired right up and he was able to make his quota for the day. we met soon after to find a more permanent solution. i took a braid of solder wick and rebuilt the blown pathway and layered on a solid stream of solder and finished with a motherboard sealant.

on the reverse side, one of the connectors was damaged and would no longer securely hold the wires needed for the board to work.

so we pulled the old connector and reinstalled a new one. the new version i had access to was a bit different than the old one, but worked the same. i was able to source this part at a local business, N&H electronics.

this assembly came in 2 parts, the part that was soldered to the board, and a second part that clicked into place with the screws to hold the connecting wires.

we were able to expedite this repair and i think our wood man had minimal downtime. mostly him tracking his trouble to the blown motherboard and finding someone to solder it for him. once we got it in hand, we got it back to him in short order. time is money. especially when you have a machine down. we were actually able to save him both. he could have ordered a new replacement board, but even an expedited shipment would still have taken a bit of time. more time than what it took to do the repair and saved him some $ as well.

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