damaged flash drive?

one of the most frustrating things about electronic devices, is that on occasion, they can fail. liquid damage: got wet in the rain, fell in your drink. physical damage: knee hits the flash drive in the computer and you hear a crunch… and when you go to see if the drive still works, it isn’t…

mr. fxr has some secrets to helping to recover that data. we have a proven record of success. many times we are able to revive that device and get access to that data for you. soldering expertise with very very small components. a data recovery, micro solder expert for the hattiesburg area if you will.

broken flash drive recovery

the one featured here was the flash drive of a local narcotics detective. he he broke it with his knee while it was inserted into his desktop computer. this hard drive contained 30GB of undercover evidence needed to help keep drugs and violence out of our hattiesburg community. witnesses, informants, crime scene photos, and other evidence. documents containing rap sheets and cases in the making. it felt great to be able to recover this data for the local police department.

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