Jesus saves (and so should you)

i usually try to post success stories, but sometime we need to take a close look at some failures. i’ll make this brief.

make sure you have a back up of your important data!

not all data can be recovered. and we all really try hard to recover any data that can be. it’s been awhile since i met this student. i recently ran across the following photo and decided to post about it.

Jesus saves (and makes incremental backups)

she came into a local shop in a panic,where i helped as a consultant on occasion. she had brought in her flash drive and indicated that some very important data was on the drive – and no where else. from what i remember, it was 2 years worth of graduate work – dissertation, thesis – i wasn’t clear, only that it was 2 years of data.

i remember asking how it happened and she said that she always kept her flash drive in her macbook. and she when driving, placed her macbook in the passenger seat. she had to come to a sudden stop, and the computer sailed out of the seat into the floorboard and landed right against the flashdrive, breaking it.

looking at it, i immediately knew that this type of break was probably fatal, even without attempting any sort of recovery. i immediately consulted with my own guru and his 3 word reply was “dead for sure”.

this break was an unfortunate break (unlike other types of breaks than can be fixed). this break was right through the data chip itself. if the break had occured in a different way, we might have had some options.

when i told her, i think she knew it deep down inside as she really didn’t say a word, turned and left. i felt really bad about her situation, but there was nothing that could be done.

some people say that what i do is like surgery, but in that moment, i was thankful that what i had been dealing with did not involve a life. it was probably the closest i had been to possibly understanding those scenes in movies where someone has to deliver “the bad news”.

that being said, always back up your information to a separate area.

if you would like some assistance with a broken flash drive, data recovery, please contact me here and lets take a closer look.

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