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Tag liquid damage

a1466 backlight LP8550

a1466 backlight

this liquid damaged backlight chip looks like a WWII shelled battlefield area from above.
a1466 LED backlight driver u7701

hot macbook air

got this macbook air in for repair here in hattiesburg with the fan running all the time - was it hot and why?
820-4924 820-3536 dead CPU

dead macbook CPU…

come with me on a macbook repair journey that ultimately was unsuccessful. and not due to a lack of trying.
macbook feather zoomed!

deep clean

spilled something on your macbook? don't wait. that liquid needs to be removed. the longer you wait, the less likely you will have a working computer. deep clean it.
innocent looking nightstand

the nightstand…

this dreaded, seemingly innocuous piece of furniture is apparently deadly to iphones, ipads and computers. straight up cold blooded killers.
kapton tape pink heat resistant gel

dead macbook pro

macbook pro was given up for dead. i was asked to look into it before they called it. we chased that rabbit till we caught it! issue solved!
pad area

macbook air – no backlight

this macbook air arrived on my desk with no backlight. supposedly the unit was not exposed to any liquid. (they all say that...)

kindle liquid damage

when a device gets wet, they liquid needs to be cleaned and the sooner the better and even that depends on what type of liquid. urine, salt water, etc are highly corrosive and usually the damage happens instantaneously. let's take a closer look!