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sd card in slot

damaged sd card

one of my accounts recently called for help with a damaged sd card. i always like so see it as soon as possible, and before i picked it up, i asked them to send me a photo. the reply was "ehh, it's kind of fragile, i'm afraid to."
pad area

macbook air – no backlight

this macbook air arrived on my desk with no backlight. supposedly the unit was not exposed to any liquid. (they all say that...)

kindle liquid damage

when a device gets wet, they liquid needs to be cleaned and the sooner the better and even that depends on what type of liquid. urine, salt water, etc are highly corrosive and usually the damage happens instantaneously. let's take a closer look!
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no backlight! (pry damage…)

when repairing an iphone, and removing the damaged front assembly, it’s very important to be extra extra careful when removing the LCD/touch connectors. here's why...
macbook pro motherboard

damaged device?!

damaged electronic devices. repair or replace? i say, let's see what we can do! give me a call and we will talk it out.
microsoldering specialist

microsoldering specialist

microsoldering specialist. expert in soldering small electronic components. able to read schematics and boardviews and track down broken and malfunctioning components in electronic devices.