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Tag data recovery

henry danton

a centenarian’s data recovery

some friends of mine called me to help with a failed all-in-one dell that had failed with someone they help to keep track of. and he turned 100 this past year.
netac micro SD card

netac micro SD card

got in a damaged micro SD card - looking internally to see if there was an opportunity to recover the data. this involves carefully removing small layers at a time. this type of card is also known as a monolith. #2001aspaceodyssey
failed seagate hard drive

failed seagate hard drive

data recovery from a failed 2008 seagate hard drive. this hard drive had been looked at previously from another place without success.
broken flash drive

flash drive data recovery

another data recovery job on a broken flash drive. this one was pretty straightforward. just needed some traces rebuilt to reconnect all the broken data lines.
data recovery iphone hattiesburg

data recovery

data recovery - whew! that encompasses quite a bit of territory. from iphone data recovery to flash drive data recovery, computer hard drives that have failed. in this line of work, i can't think of any other part of my job that can be so high pressure, yet so rewarding if successful.