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kindle fire

kindle fire no power

kindle fire that just won't power up. we take a look and sure enough it's not taking any power. i can't quite figure it out.
broken flash drive

flash drive data recovery

another data recovery job on a broken flash drive. this one was pretty straightforward. just needed some traces rebuilt to reconnect all the broken data lines.
snowshoe spam

snowshoe spam

snowshoe spamming is a strategy in which spam is propagated over many domains and IP addresses to avoid filters. the increasing # of IP addresses makes recognizing and capturing spam difficult, which means that a certain amount of spam reaches their destination email inboxes. step inside to see what we did about it.
data recovery iphone hattiesburg

data recovery

data recovery - whew! that encompasses quite a bit of territory. from iphone data recovery to flash drive data recovery, computer hard drives that have failed. in this line of work, i can't think of any other part of my job that can be so high pressure, yet so rewarding if successful.
custom in ear monitors ciem westone dual drivers

custom in ear monitors

custom in ear monitors? what are those? for musicians - it's the future. no longer any need for pushing air on stage these days - cab emulators and in ear monitors (ciem's) are taking the place of stage wedge monitors and actual guitar amplifiers.
closer look

no backlight – macbook pro retina

this macbook pro retina arrived on my desk with a blown backlight. the image was still present, but was not lighting up. after a few tests, we quickly determined the issue and completed the repair.
macbook feather zoomed!

deep clean

spilled something on your macbook? don't wait. that liquid needs to be removed. the longer you wait, the less likely you will have a working computer. deep clean it.

damaged ilok

"do you think anyone will accidentally bump into this long object protruding from their computer?!" it's practically begging to be snapped in half.
kapton tape pink heat resistant gel

dead macbook pro

macbook pro was given up for dead. i was asked to look into it before they called it. we chased that rabbit till we caught it! issue solved!